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This book was not what I expected but in a good way. Surrounded by cannibals, lost and alone, Jasmine finds a way to survive. This book had many moments for me where I felt for Jasmine and I understood this character. Jasmine took me on this journey with her. I enjoyed this book and I will remember this book for a while

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Coal Queen Jasmine by Makeen Liel is a novel I could imagine as a big screen movie. It has an interesting, fresh plot that also ties in with a topic that has been fairly recent (i.e. mine accidents and the resulting fatalities). The aspect of something lurking under a mountain has already been explored in fantasy settings, e.g. Moria in The Lord of the Rings. While the feel of this novel is more realistic, it has a certain fantasy/surreal feel to it. It does make you wonder whether there is something/someone waiting where people have once dug too deep. I feel there is potential for a follow up novel, and I’d love to see that. The author should try to get someone interested in making a movie out of this. While reading the story, it was easy for me to imagine what it could look like, and how exciting (and a little bit scary) it would be if done right! This is definitely a book I thoroughly enjoyed!

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Halloween is always an opportunity for a new story, enjoy for free the new novel COMMODORE CANDY.

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Despite the author being drawn to fantasy and sci-fi genres, he still makes sure to maintain close contact with reality. And with topics that he has personally lived or witnessed. Things like child labor, war, and sometimes goblins, which he thought – as a lot of other kids do during their childhood – was something undebatable.
All the author’s books are being translated into English from his mother tongue, and most of his books are part of a series.
Makeen believes that even a person’s most challenging moments can teach him something, and are sometimes exactly what he needs at the time. As for the writer himself, it’s enough to know that although he’s been a husband and a father for a long time now, he is still not allowed to have a cat in the house.

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